There is nothing like the test of time when it comes to houses. Precision Builders has been building custom homes in the Ithaca area since 1983. That means that there are homes to tour and customers to call. Hear for yourself what our satisfied customers have to say. See for yourself the quality and durability of a Precision-built home.

“……Precision Builders was easily the best (contractor) in terms of skill, knowledge, timeliness and price… Chris was very knowledgeable, and made several observations/ suggestions that previous contractors failed to notice/mention. Overall, my wife and I were extremely satisfied with the work done by Chris and his crew. We highly recommend Precision Builders for any home project you may have.”
Andrew Peppin and Maria Lujan
Ithaca, NY

“The workmanship was first-rate, and the work crews were very professional… We could not have gotten better work at a more reasonable price than we did from Precision Builders.”
Julian L. McCaull
Locke, NY

“You saw to it that your crews were not only prompt, efficient and diligent, but also considerate about odors, noise or February cold affecting us… Your expertise and suggested changes greatly enrich our home… We enjoyed living with you, Chris, day to day because of your unfailing good nature… This was our fourth renovation: Precision Builders is the best contracting firm we ever had-or ever heard of.”
Elizabeth and William Terwilliger
Ithaca, NY

“Perhaps the most important is that we felt you cared about our house as much as we did…. Communication was excellent…..you asked us about our preferences continually, you listened to us, patiently answered our questions, gave advice, and, very importantly, offered accurate cost estimates of various options. From the beginning to the end, you paid close attention to our cost limits, resulting in few surprises and a final cost that was quite near our target. You and your team were instrumental in redesigning the original plans to cut expenses. You made it possible for us to have the house exactly as we wanted.”
Jeff Furman & Sara Hess
Ithaca, NY

“…Your concern for getting things right was evident at the outset in our dealings with you and is now evident in the results.  Every detail either meets or exceeds expectations, and your concern about conforming with your estimate and schedule was always good guidance.  Functionally, the house is so much more liveable, and this is due to your practicality and your problem-solving experience.  The house is not only more attractive, it’s easier to heat and cool…and clean. This is a group of very good—and talented—people.”
Holly & John Bailey
Interlaken, NY

“The most important decision we made in building our new home turned out to be the best one—hiring Precision Builders.  We simply could not be more pleased… From beginning to end it was a pleasure working with you…your professionalism, craftsmanship and the obvious pride you have in both your work and your good reputation are all too rare. We appreciate so much every measure you took to ensure we ended up with the home we wanted.”
Robin & David Remick
Groton, NY